Other activities

Being part of Tampere Technical Society (TTS) there are several active divisions organized around different professional and fun topics: Junior members, Culture, Fishing, Golf, Professional development, International Club, Women's Club.

TTS divisions (”jaostot”) are open to all Society members. Check for more information from here, where each division has described its focus points and activities. Any TTS member can subscribe to any or many of these divisions according to one’s preferences: Junior members, Culture, Fishing, Golf, Professional development, International Club. Even though Junior members division (“Nuorisojaosto”) states juniors, nowadays there is no age limit and everyone is warmly welcomed to join the group’s activities. TTS divisions have their own Whatsapp groups and emailing lists, which provide more specific notifications of the activities in addition to TTS wide general monthly newsletters. Reach out to division leaders to be part of the groups!

Thanks to its powerful network, TTS has been organizing excursions to several interesting local companies (for instance Coxa, Sandvik) and arranging meetings in exciting locations (for instance hotel Torni and Polyclinic Tipotie before they were officially open).

Aside from professional activities such as mentoring and networking, TTS is known for its parties – yearly balls, wine&sing events, crayfish feast, Wappu, sporting events – golf tournaments, fishing trips or rowing,  as well as “less formal education” – beer brewing, gin and whisky tasting, to mention few. 

TTS monthly meetings, which are the core of the Society activities, are held in Finnish. The few exceptions which are conducted in English or are bilingual are each time highlighted separately in monthly newsletters. However, the meetings of the International Club are held in English and, of course, majority of TTS members are fluent in English.