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Tampere Technical Society (TTS) is the oldest technical society in Finland. In 2023, we are celebrating the 130 year anniversary. 

For 130 years our activities were carried out in Swedish at first and later solely in Finnish. We recognize the growing community of foreign professionals and their unique needs and therefore, during our anniversary year, the board of TTS has decided to start a new International Club focusing on international affairs. The aim is to help to accommodate foreign professionals in Tampere, to expand their professional network and to provide regular opportunity to discuss hot topics. The same platform will also serve professionals dealing with international import and export.

About Tampere Technical Society

Tampere: TTS is active in the Tampere Region since its start in 1893. In those days, the Tampere was the industrial center of Finland. TTS served as a technical committee of Tampere and the outcome can be seen in the city still today – Grand Hotel Tammer, water supply system, fifth European city with electric lightning (after Paris, Strasbourg, Milan and London). The newest addition will be the tramway in Tampere, a plan that was originally suggested by TTS hundred years ago!

Technical: TTS aims to advance technology in education, industry and living. Amongst others, TTS significantly influenced the establishment of technical education in Tampere based on the demand for skilled labour during the early decades of the society. First, TTS helped to establish the engineering school (now TAMK) and later technical university (now Tampere University). TTS funded also university education and was a funding member of the TUT (Tampere University of Technology) Foundation and Tampere 3. TTS financially supports also education of natural sciences in the elementary and secondary schools via LuMaTe program. TTS awards Technology prize to local companies for significant business development.

Society: TTS is a society gathering more than 800 technical engineers and architects living in Tampere region. Most of our members have a master’s degree and there is a growing number of members with a doctoral degree. Many of our members have gained their degree at Tampere University of Technology, but there are also members, who moved to Tampere from other cities or countries and joined TTS to gain a local network of professionals (and friends). There is a large portion of industrial members ranging from R&D scientists, technical salesmen, CEOs, entrepreneurs as well as professionals in academia including students, lecturers and professors.

Our Logo
The logo is a combination of a Grand Hotel Tammer silhouette and a gear (for engineering). The hotel was built by TTS in 1929 as its club and a hotel with a novelty – a garage. Nowadays, the hotel is no longer operated by TTS, but it still serves as its homebase.