Tampere Export Experts

Aika: 28.8.2019
Paikka: Downtown Tampere

Wednesday 28.8.2019, Wednesday 28.8.2019, 15:30-18:00, Telakka, 2nd floor, Tullikamarin aukio 3, Tampere


TTS International Club / Johana Kuncova-Kallio

You have your favourite spot at Vantaa airport. You know what business suit to wear in Switzerland. You are fluent with chopsticks and know to beware of the Japanese command-of-order at work. Then this event is for you!

This informal event is targeted at sales people, technical support and others who are travelling for business from Finland. We welcome also foreigners who have made Tampere their new hometown.

This first event is aimed at collecting information about most interesting business destinations - both the traditionally strong export areas such as Sweden, Germany or Latin America as well as rare countries such as Qatar or South Africa. The idea is to exchange experiences from different markets irrespective of your field of business. We will also hear about risks that are associated with business in different markets. But most importantly, you will have a chance to speak to like-minded people!

The following events in this series will focus at a single region, bringing together representatives of the countries (those who live in Finland, but also business departments of the respective embassies) as well as sales people pursuing business in the region.

This series is developed together with Tampere Technical Society, Finnvera and Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For more information contact: johana.kuncova.kallio@gmail.com  

Register at: https://www.tampereenteknillinenseura.fi/export/